Monday, August 13, 2012

Just A Little Free-Motion!

I'm hoping things start to slow down just a little, although summer on the lake is always a bit chaotic. Yesterday, I had time to do some FMQ. I'm still trying to sort out how to get my new Pfaff to stitch without bird's nests every so often. The thread just seems to want to shred periodically. It's getting better, I can actually stitch sections of my quilt without breaking needles, but I'm still having some issues. I think it may be time to get some help from my LQS where I bought it. I was hoping to do that last Friday, but the class was cancelled.

The stippling went pretty smoothly.

The square loop de loop, not so much.

I finished up the cucumber vine without too much difficulty

On the back were some nasty bird's nests.

I decided to go with a spool stand, it helped some, but still had problems.

I added the bobbin washers, but they didn't really help.
I really think my machine doesn't like Isacord thread, so I'm going to try some good cotton thread. I've heard from so many, that have a Pfaff like mine, they love to use Isacord. Hmmmm, I'll figure it out eventually.

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  1. Try using a Topstitch 90/14 needle and if possible a Titanium coated one but the titanium coat is an optional extra. I don't quilt with anything other than a Topstich needle and have 5 PFAFF machines.

  2. ok i have two pfaff machines...only a little addicted not like hettie as above with FIVE...i have figured out to use a larger needle like hettie said...i sew slower..i had problems and then one day i just decided i was going to work through the problem in a systematic way...needles, thread, worked but my husband did say he heard some nasty words...

  3. looks like you aren't having problems with the curved designs, only the boxy ones. Hope you get it worked out!

  4. I have trouble with my machine skipping stitches when I go "backwards" (opposite to the normal stitch direction.) Mine is a Babylock.

  5. Every machine is different! Keep experimenting until you figure it out. On my old machine I had to crank the tension way up to get a good free motion stitch. This was counter to everything I read or was told, but it is what worked for that machine. I ended up taking it to the store I bought it from to get help with it. One of the ladies there helped me and she was surprised and baffled as to why high tension worked so well with my machine. I never would have tried increasing the tension so much without her help. Sometimes it is better to just do what works instead of trying to figure out why - LOL! Good luck!!!

  6. Your stipling and cucumber vines look lovely!! Perhaps your machine just does not like geometrics :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie