Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thread Gone Wild!

I'm getting a little closer to finishing my Wonky/Improv. quilt. Just one more area and a couple of partially completed areas to FMQ. Last night I finished up the sharp stipple section, then worked on McTavishing a little section.

Sharp stippling

More McTavishing
 If you're a regular reader, you know that I've been struggling with FMQ on my new machine. I did sort out a lot of the problems the other day (click here to read that post), which made a huge different. But I'm still having periodic problems. As a Quality Engineer (my day job), I'm trying to figure out the root cause, what is happening, when it happens, why is it happening.
Notice the loop before the thread guide. Sometimes this loop gets so big it catches on the (bobbin) thread guide (the little metal piece that is above the thread guide in the picture)

The thread seems to be very loose and loopy. Even when I put the thread on a spool stand, I still have issues. So my question to Leah this week is would a thread spool net help? I have a bunch of these, but I've never used one. Do I need to cut it down? Is there anything I need to know before I use this? Any other suggestions of things to try?

Thread spool net

Stats for  WIP Wednesday!
In-process: (8)
Wonky/Improve QAL quilt -  (Continue to quilt)
Purple heart wall hanging ( needs borders, backing, quilting and binding)
Expanding Possibilities quilt (Continue to quilt)
Storybook quilt # 2 - All embroidery is done
Geneva Public Library quilt - join and quilt (maybe make a block or two to even it out)
Sew Cal Gal's April FMQ Challenge - Need to make into a pillow.
Sew Cal Gal's May FMQ Challenge - Need to make into a pillow
Sew Cal Gal June FMQ Challenge - Need to bind.

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  1. hi pat -
    i use a thread net and think they are very helpful.
    i leave them on the cones to store them to prevent the unraveling, too.
    the trick is to fold the net over so it's under the "shoulder" of the thread cone.
    otherwise, it can catch the thread as it unwinds and cause more problems than it solves.
    good luck, you'r work is great!

  2. hmmm, i forgot the important part...
    i use a thread net with thinner 'slippery' poly threads like superiors' rainbows & bottom line.
    i find i don't really need them for cottony ones, like so fine and tut.

  3. one of those nets came with my new machine and i had no idea how to use it until right now! in fact, i assumed it might've been some trash that got into the package until i saw it listed in the "things that come with this machine" list. then i was just confused as to what it was for! thanks for the tip :)

  4. Your quiltwork looks better any time. I am busy too. Will it ever be easy!!

  5. Your quilting looks so fantastic, Pat! I sure hope the net helps your machine. I didn't know there was such a thing!

  6. I started using one and It seemed to help when I was using my old machine to FMQ.

  7. And your McTavishing id great!

  8. Love the McTavishing - and I'm glad that some of your issues have been getting sorted out. Hopefully all will be resolved so you can just focus on the quilting.

  9. Pat - the quilting looks great... I love the McTavishing -- very professional look !!

    I used the thread net a few time on my Janome -- it caught the thread and didnt seem to slow down the loops. Still working to figure out my problems as well (on that machine). My Bernina is more consistent but a much smaller quilting area.

    Good luck !!

  10. Wow, your FMQ is looking great, despite your issues. Keep it up! Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday.

  11. Very nice work - glad I stopped by!

  12. Your McTavishing looks nice. I tried that stitch for the first time in my preparation for last week's post. I tended to get a little lost, but overall, I love the way it looks.

    Hope you figure out your machine issues.

  13. If your thread wants to go on that hook, why not try putting it there on purpose and see if that solves your problem?

  14. Ack! I have the same machine, and have had nothing but problems free motion quilting since I bought it (used) a little over a year ago. I've been saving money to buy a Janome ever since. Hopefully soon... THere was a factory fix on the older machines that helped me a bit, but it still is giving my all sorts of problems. Isacord thread helps, and adjusting the balance and tension. I use about a 4.0 on the tension, and a 2 on the balance. I also loosened the bobbin thread tension, and a 90/14 top stitch needle. Pfaff customer service, and the instruction manual have been no help at all. Good luck!