Sunday, February 12, 2012

Free Motion Quilting = Freedom to Doodle!

I have always loved to doodle! Sew why not on a quilt??!! I gave myself permission to doodle on one more block on my FMQ Sampler!

I left the center unquilted as a contrast to the rest of the block.
Are some of the lines a bit wobbly? Yes! But I am really pleased with the overall effect of the quilting. Does anyone else struggle giving themselves permission to doodle?

Color Me Quilty!


You can see more of my free motion journey here!


  1. I love to doodle too!! Always have.. I remember doodling on the edges of my schoolwork in elementary school-- the teachers always enjoyed it! :-) LOVE your doodle quilting!! One day, when I make time and get enough courage to try---I'm going to learn to machine quilt.. I think a quilt covered in doodling would not only be pretty-- but VERY interesting!!!! :-)

  2. How good are your circles? Love your doodling and yes, feel exactly the same. Have come to the conclusion that it is time to break free of those restrictions and just go for what I like, irrespective of whether this is the 'done' way or not. At least that is what I am telling myself - working hard to put it into practice.

  3. Great doodling!

    Keep dipping in and will dip back some the quilt with the dragonflies!

    Won't always comment.....but I'm here!

    N x