Monday, February 27, 2012

Learning Curves

Okay, the second Urban Nine Patch block came out so much better. I knew it was going to, because the inner curved nine patch part of the block squared up so much better than the first one. Hmm, maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Corner of my first block

Corner of my second block

I was also better about following the directions for pressing my seams.

These blocks are fun, a bit challenging, but I think oh so worth it. I think this quilt will be perfect for the FLMQG solids challenge.

I'm linking up with Sew Happy Geek for Manic Monday!

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  1. The blocks look brilliant! I never would have noticed that corner but the second one is perfect :)

  2. I love these blocks, the color and the design of them. And never, ever point out flaws, chances are no one will notice anyway!!

  3. Awesome block, and fabulous color choices. Both blocks are great : )

  4. look great front and back. I am loving your seams too :)

  5. Love your blocks and the fabrics you are using!