Friday, June 15, 2012

Quilty Embellishment Day for June!

I love a party, I love seeing all the different, cool, quilty embellishments when folk link-up!

Since I've gotten so many comments on my little quilt painted sample I did a while back, I thought maybe you would like to see a little tutorial. I almost feel guilty calling this a tutorial, because it's so easy, but if nothing else, maybe this will give you the courage to try this out!

What you need to get started! Quilt (sample), Lumiere (fabric) paint, paint brushes, paper plate to use as a palette, water to clean your brushes and paper towel to dry off your brushes. (I bought these paints on Amazon, you may find them in art stores)
I had three brushes to use, but for this project I only used the top brush.
Squirt just a little paint out on the plate. Not too much, because it will dry somewhat quickly. Load your brush with a fair amount of paint.

Apply is right to the quilt! The paint is opaque (can't see through it), so just spread it on. This paint will work equally as well on dark fabric.

Just keep filling in the quilted areas you want painted. You can mix and shade as you like. The surface does stay wet for a bit and you can paint over it wet or dry for the results you want. Experiment and have some fun! You can always paint over it.

You can see, I add paint to the palette as I go, so the paint does dry out too fast.
Before you know it, you have a painted quilt that just shines!

Detail of the painted sections.

You really can shade areas. The paint really is wonderfully easy to use.
This is what my palette looked like at the end of painting.
I hope I've inspired you to try out this quilty embellishment! Now link up some of you quilty embellishments that you did this month (you can link up to 3 posts)! When you link-up, you are automatically entered to win 9 hand-painted Indonesian batik squares (5"h x 4.5"w). Remember, embellishment can be just about anything from FMQ, hand quilting, embroidery, painting, stamping, buttons, rick-rack, applique, etc....let your imagination run wild! :)

All the squares are different.
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  1. I so love that painting. It looks great. Another 'trick" for the quilting bag of tricks!

  2. I am in awe of those paints!! They really work well with your FMQ! They wash up ok or does the shine go? I can see these being great to paint a dragonfly and shimmery its wings - yum!!

  3. Pat, this is simply wonderful! Something I've always wanted to do... and your's turned out so beautiful! Nice work!

  4. Between your great tutorial, the fabric paint that I won from you in April, and inspiration from Laura of Quokka Quilts, I may just tackle this kind of project later in the year. Thanks Pat. I may have to practise my FMQ skills first! Lovely to link up again - thanks.

  5. This fabric paint looks brilliant. I'm definitely keen to try asap! Apologies for late linking. Google wouldn't let me yesterday :)