Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WIPed Out

I've been quilting my guts out, trying to finish FMQ my Urban Nine Patch baby quilt. I have three quarters of it done.

But alas, foiled by running out of thread!

Now my question for Leah this week, is not about our homework, but about FMQ straight lines and distances. Longarm quilters can quilt long sweeping lines and have them smooth and flowing, but I find even an 8" line for me is a bit wobbly (the outside curved stitch lines, in the picture, are about 8").
I find I have to stop in the middle and readjust, which leaves them wobbly. So my question is: Are there FMQ designs that are better left to longarm quilters and others that are better suited to domestic machine FMQ quilters? Is there an optimal size to the design? I've noticed that a lot of your designs are smaller fillers, but I've also seen some of your work with feathers that are quite large scale. While I realize that practice will help smooth out some of my line work, are there tricks to getting really smooth lines or am I better off going for an "organic (read wobbly)" look and staying with smaller designs? As always Leah, thank you for all of your help and support - You ROCK!

On to my homework, which I started, but didn't quite finish it.
Shot cottons and tan quilters linen

Wonky squares of the shot cotton on my design wall.

It's going to be a fun quilt to make and FMQ! Hopefully I will have a little bit of time next week to get it together.

The only other project on work on this week, was the purse that I started last week. And it's done! Woohoo a finish!
The stats this week:
In-process: (8)
Urban Nine Patch - FLMQG solids challenge crib quilt (3/4quilted)

Purple heart wall hanging ( needs borders, backing, quilting and binding)
Expanding Possibilities quilt (basted, now to be quilted)
Storybook quilt # 2 - All embroidery is done
Quokka Quilts QAYGFMQQAL quilt (All 30 blocks are quilted, need to join and bind)
Geneva Public Library quilt - join and quilt (maybe make a block or two to even it out)
Sew Cal Gal's March FMQ Challenge - Need to bind.
Sew Cal Gal's April FMQ Challenge - Need to make into a pillow.
Sew Cal Gal's May FMQ Challenge - Need to make into a pillow

New projects: (1)
Wonky squares

Finished (1)
Quilty Purse

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  1. You really have been quilting your guts out! I like those line filler designs for the urban nine patch, it really accentuates the block's curves. I can never make it much more than 6 inches without a wobble either.

  2. Love those wonky squares and hope you get some thread soon :)

  3. Love your urban nine patch soooo much! I feel the same way about trying to FMQ straight lines...mine always look "organic"!Your new QAL is going to be gorgeous. I'm following along but not participating! Also, love the bag.

  4. I love the way you described wobbles as "organic." So does that mean perfectly smooth lines are "manufactured?" I'll definitely answer your question in detail tomorrow, but to keep it short and simple: this is a skill that takes time to master, but it IS possible to master it.

    Yes, it's far easier to quilt on a smaller scale on a domestic sewing machine, and once you build some skill at echoing (stitching those lines consistently apart and smooth and perfect with no organic wobbles), then this will translate to quilting bigger shapes and longer lines.

    Just keep quilting! You're doing amazing!


  5. Keep up the beautiful work!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  6. The Urban 9 patch looks so great! And I'm really jealous that you have those shot cottons. They are so freakin expensive! Ahhhhh, maybe one day.

  7. Simply stunning Pat! I have to get that ruler!

  8. I just love the color combination of your urban nine patch. Great job quilting too, btw!

  9. LOL - I understand about running out of thread. I unwisely chose a colour for one of my quilts that didn't come in a large spool. Seven spools of thread and several trips to the fabric store later . . .

    Also - love your 'wonky' top.

  10. Absolutely loooove your Urban Nine Patch... the quilting is gorgoues and love how the quilt flows. Very beautiful.

  11. love your urban nine patch. i really want to try out that ruler one of these days!

  12. You have a great sense of color! Hope you will document how you get the Leah Modern quilt put together.

  13. On first viewing I totally did not notice the wobbly lines until I searched for them, I think you did an excellent job on the quilting, and the quilt for that matter, I love the colors and the patterns you have done with FMQ. Excellent.

  14. It is looking fabulous, just keep going!, If you have your thread off course.

  15. I agree, I think it's fantastic and coming from a longarm quilter...toes lines can be difficult for us in a different kind of way, we need to master ruler work and don't look too close at my lines too. ;o). I love what you've done so far!