Wednesday, June 6, 2012

As We Resume Our Regularly Scheduled QAL

YAY! First week back to QAL Wednesday's with Leah Day! Broadcasting from my not so secure location at Caesar's in Atlantic City! Sounds way more exciting than it is. I'm not a gambler, AT ALL. I'm here for a conference - Assessment of Adult Learners. You're all jealous aren't you! ;) The sad part is, I had to drop Miss Ellie (my machine) off at the hospital on my way out of town. She stopped wanting to move forward and sew. I hope she's fixed by the time I'm on my way home on Friday.

Leah left us with a Zippling assignment.
I filled the background with small scale zippling - is this called Micro-zippling?

I plan on making this little choo choo train into a pillow for my grandson.

The railroad tracks were also from Leah Day for Sew Cal Gal's May FMQ Challenge.

 So my question for Leah today: If your thread breaks or your bobbin runs out in the middle of FMQ and there aren't ends long enough to bury in the inside, what do you do? Do you start stitching a little on top where stopped? As always Leah, thank you for ALL of your help and guidance.

So on to other projects - my Urban Nine Patch
First row of blocks together.
Stats for the week:
In-process: (8)
Urban Nine Patch - FLMQG solids challenge crib quilt (first row is complete)

Purple heart wall hanging ( needs borders, backing, quilting and binding)
Expanding Possibilities quilt (basted, now to be quilted)
Storybook quilt # 2 - All embroidery is done
Quokka Quilts QAYGFMQQAL quilt (All 30 blocks are quilted, need to join and bind)
Geneva Public Library quilt - join and quilt (maybe make a block or two to even it out)
Sew Cal Gal's March FMQ Challenge - Need to bind.
Sew Cal Gal's April FMQ Challenge - Need to make into a pillow.
Sew Cal Gal's May FMQ Challenge - Need to make into a pillow

New projects: (0)

Finished (0)
I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday and The Free Motion Quilting Project for QAL Wednesday

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Free Motion Quilt Along

Color Me Quilty!



  1. I love the urban nine patch.

  2. Your little train is absolutely adorable. Love the railroad track quilting! It will make a perfect pillow. And, of course, Urban nine patch is completely amazing.

  3. Great FMQing!

    Love love loving your Urban nine patch!

  4. Wow! I love your urban 9-patch. The colors just jump off my monitor and make me think of those wonderful Pennsylvania Dutch barn signs. I can't wait to see how you will quilt it!

  5. Your Urban Nine Patch is Awesome!

  6. Hope your machine comes back singing for ya. Have fun at your conference. I love the train for your grandson - too cute!!

  7. Micro-Zippling is right! It's a bit tricky to stitch small, but you've definitely done a great job. I love that urban 9 patch - it's almost like a Double Wedding Ring and 9 patch got married and this is their awesome offspring. It rocks!


  8. Your train project looks great! Also love your urban nine-patch.


  9. I love your train!

    BTW- when my thread breaks or runs out in the middle of stitching, I pull back a few stitches to give me a long enough tail to bury.

  10. Love the urban nine patch! And that train is sooooo nice! :-)

  11. Actually, I am a little jealous about the conference. My MS is in Adult and Organizational Learning. And I'm a back-stitch and trim person when it comes to middle-of-the quilt threads.

  12. I'm over from Freshly Pieced! That urban nine patch looks amazing :-)