Friday, December 30, 2011

Every Story Needs a Happily Ever After!

To go along with "Once Upon A Time", I now have "Happily Ever After". I'm doing everything double since I'm making two twin sized quilts for two adorable little girls. I have quite a few more embroidery blocks and each one takes over an hour to do. I like the results so far, so I think it will be worth the time!
Embroidery Library design

While organizing my ample fabric stash I found these great purples. ( a mire fraction of purple stash)

This is my favorite!

Fairy Frost! How can I not put this in the quilts???

I like this one too!
I was also organizing my stash yesterday. Since my whirlwind Christmas sewing frenzy, my stash looks like the Tasmanian Devil has visited my sewing area. When I'm all done, I will show pictures.

Color Me Quilty!