Friday, December 16, 2011

Semi-Homemade: Do the little Christmas Gifts Ever End!

Do any of you ever get the feeling that because you make stuff, people expect something homemade from you? I don't necessarily mean family, but co-workers, hairdresser, postman, etc. Do I just make myself feel that I can never do enough?

Today at work we are having a luncheon (all chipping in for pizza and wings). Then we do the round robin of gift giving. Everyone brings in a little gift (usually $5.00 or less) all wrapped, then we pull numbers and select a gift from the table. Of course this was all last minute. So, I went to my stash and found these two orphaned placemats.

The placemats were store bought, but embroidered at home i.e. Semi-homemade. Is this a lame grab bag gift? I think I'm suffering from Making Christmas overload!

I am SEW looking forward to getting back to making quilts in the new year.

Color Me Quilty!



  1. Not lame at all - I'd say whoever gets these has hit the jackpot!

  2. I think its a great idea xxx A gift anyone would be pleased to recieve xx

  3. Definitely not lame! I hope you get to stop stitching gifts soon and relax a little!

  4. These are really pretty, whoever received them is really lucky!
    They are as lovely as most of the things you make.

  5. Completely agree!! I feel like because people know I quilt, maybe 250 people I know all seem to think I am making them a quilt soon. I don't think people realize how many hours things take to hand make either so most of the time I don't think they realize what they are asking. Anyway! Cute placemats!!! Lucky church friends!