Thursday, December 29, 2011

Try New Things (TNT) Thursday: Problem Solving

TNT Thursday is a great way to take a risk (to succeed brilliantly or fail spectacularly) and/or to solve problems. I'm fairly new to (seriously addictive) quilting and machine embroidery, since I inherited my machines and stash a little over a year ago. Many times I hear or dream up something I think would be cool in a quilt, only to find out the devil is in the details. Yesterday's post, I showed were I was trying to embroider "Once Upon a Time" only to have serious puckers and tucks in the block. It is a very "dense" design and I had enlarged it to go in the biggest hoop I have (7" x14").
First attempt at machine embroidering this large "dense" design
Added a basting line in Embird (embroidery software)

Added an additional layer of stabilizer

Note to self: set the basting line farther from design or it will be stitched over. (Not the end of the world, but it would be easier to remove when done)

Still a bit wavy, but no puckers or tucks.

I will probably cut the block down and add borders. It will help with the waviness and soften the design.
Preparation is the key to successful machine embroidery, and probably a lot of other tasks. But the big takeaway here is if you don't try new things, take a risk, you can never succeed brilliantly!

I'm linking up with the wonderful Melissa at Happy Quilting for Try New Things (TNT) Thursday.

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  1. well done for keeping going and finding the solution xx

  2. Oh my, this is GORGEOUS! Kudos to you for finding the solution to your problem. The block turned out lovely.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous love the colours