Monday, April 9, 2012

A Little Creativity in Blocking My Wholecloth Mini Quilt!

Phew, finally finished microstippling my wholecloth mini!

Microstippling almost became hypnotic after a while.

After I finished quilting my little wholecloth quilt, I needed to soak and block it. Leah Day makes it look so easy, which it probably is if you have the simple tools/equipment/facilities she had to do it. The first thing I didn't have was a bathtub. I know that sounds odd, but this was my husbands house before he met me and we have three nice showers, but no tubs. So I soaked it in the kitchen sink, it worked! Second thing, I didn't have, elastic. And since I live in the middle of nowhere, I just didn't feel like driving to get some. So my DH came up with a board and clamps, not pretty, but I think it's working.
So tonight, on to trimming and binding! I think that should be pretty straight forward.

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  1. Looks awesome. Good to "stretch" eh!

  2. Wow! That dense quilting took *dedication*! Nicely done!

  3. I have no bath too and used the sink. I used paperwights. Your quilt looks very pretty.

  4. I am very impressed! You did a great job!

  5. WOW!!!! That is awesome. I LOVE how the micro-stippling really gives it dimension and shading. Bless your heart for doing all that micro-stippling - I just can't do it.

  6. That turned out excellent. I love how the micro-stippling made it pop!

  7. It does look awesome! Did you have any challenges quilting with the loftier batting?

  8. This is so beautiful... Silly question - what does the soaking do/what is that for? amysalbums2004[at]yahoo[dot]com