Monday, April 2, 2012

Stop the Needle, Go Clean Your Room(s)

I admit it! I'm messy! But it even gets to me sometimes and I have to stop and clean up before I can do one more thing. That's what I did this weekend. The mess started with trying to get ready for Christmas and has lingered REALLY isn't pretty! I'm quite embarrassed.

Cutting design room in chaos!

Fabric storage in disarray!

Cluttered sewing room!

Seriously, how could I even sew with this disaster??

Exploded into the guest bedroom!
Cutting design room with room for cutting and design!

Fabric storage standing tall!

Sewing room with room to sew!

Even room to set up my back-up machine!

WOW, there really is a bed in the bedroom!
Now, there still is a considerable amount to clean and organize, I didn't show you the closets. My husband is taking bets on how long it will be until I smutch it back up again! Well, at least until my guests come and go! ;)

Color Me Clean(er)!



  1. Awesome! Love seeing people quilting spaces. Yours looks very functional. I have to keep my spot fairly organized, cause then i dont get any thing done. Nothing like a clean room to get the creative juices flowing. On my way yo get some sewing done. A friends B-Day party (80) got moved up a week so......... the rush is on.
    Enjoy the cleaness! Be interested to see how you were inspired or what you did first in that clean room!

  2. What a clean room. I love your quilt with the flowers.

  3. It looks great. I just had to pack up the room where I sew...and won't be able to sew for a couple weeks. It is always nice to give things a deep clean.

    Could I ask you a question...I see you have an extension table on your machine...did you buy that separately? I was looking at a brand just this morning called Sew Steady and was wondering if that might be what you have?

  4. Looks good! Unfortunately (or fortunately) my sewing room is so small that I have to keep it clean or I can't get in (or out). I recently painted and thoroughly organized it so it is much easier to keep clean.

  5. I'm ignoring the before and enjoying the wonderful after!! Great job, it looks like an amazing sewing space :)

  6. Aawe c'mon Pat! Your making me feel guilty. My bedroom is an utter disaster! haha. But I did manage to get my sewing space somewhat cleaned up last week. trust me, it won't last long

  7. I guess its about time to clean mine. I envy your room.