Tuesday, April 3, 2012

QAYG Borders

It felt so good to have a clean workspace to work on my big Storybook quilt. I have to admit I was a little nervous about adding borders to such an already big (twin size) heavy quilt, but they went on pretty smoothly.
I used the same fabric for the top and back of the border. The top strip I cut 4 1/2" wide, the back I cut 5 1/2" wide

I generously pinned the pieces right sides toward the quilt.

I stitched through all of the layers with a walking foot. I took a generous 1/4" seam.

I switched to a zigzag stitch

I butted together the batting with the edge of the quilt, where I had just added the border fabric. I then zigzag the seam allowance and batting together.

The batting in now firmly attached to the quilt.

Then flip the top and back border strips over the batting.
Press the borders. I actually pressed the back up into place, then flipped it over and press the top border into place.

I added the longer side borders first, then added the top and bottom borders.

I just need to quilt the borders and bind, then the first of my Storybook quilts is done!
 This really wasn't hard, although a bit bulky since the majority of the quilt was already quilted. There is a fabulous tutorial for this method over at The Quilting Edge.

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  1. What a lovely quilt you made. Is it not nice to work in such a clean room?

  2. Have you posted some closeup pics of the blocks anywhere. What an amazing quilt!

  3. what a great quilt, love the quilting on it!

  4. Great idea! its nice to know you can still go bigger. Even if you have trimmed everything up! I'm guessing this is a QAYG method?