Monday, April 30, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

How did I get so far behind? Haven't I been stitching right along??? I am two rows behind on my Quokka Quilts QAYGFMQQAL - 10 blocks! So my goal this week is to catch up!
All of the blocks are now basted

 I got all of the blocks basted yesterday, but only one quilted. Well, I did spread 3 yds (big trailer full) of mulch, planted 2 new shrubs and moved 2 perennials! AHHH, gotta love spring!

I'm linking up with Sew Happy Geek for Manic Monday.

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  1. Awesome quilting!!! Cant wait to see other blocks Are they all different?
    We had a skiff of snow here this am when i got up. So wont be doing anything outside today. But that just means i will be sewing. Going to make some headway on that quilt i have ready to quilt.
    Dont over do the gardening and get too sore! :)

  2. Lovely block! Your FMQ looks great!!

  3. Oh, it's beautiful...just love that block!