Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fresh Sewing Day May

I love spring, with all the fresh growth and soft colors. Unfortunately, my gardens pull me away from my sewing machine. But I was able to finish 4 projects this month and work on a few more.

Top row, left to right
1. Sew Cal Gal's April Challenge
2. Quokka Quilts QAYGFMQQAL - all blocks to date
3. Quokka Quilts QAYGFMQQAL - New block
Middle Row, left to right
4. Water lily wall hanging
5. Wholecloth wall hanging
6. Star wall hanging
Bottom row, left to right
7. Quokka Quilts QAYGFMQQAL - New block
8. Quokka Quilts QAYGFMQQAL - New block
9. Quokka Quilts QAYGFMQQAL - New block
10. Ringmaster iPad Case

I also held my first linky party - Quilty Embellishment Day on the 15th of the month. I'm looking forward to holding it again this month. I hope you will all join in the fun.

I'm linking up with Lily's Quilts for Fresh Sewing Day

Lily's Quilts

Color Me Quilty!



  1. You've had a great month finishing things :) Love you water lily wall hanging and your wholecloth - both stunners!

  2. Wow Pat I love your blog.
    So glad I found you through the Lily's quilts blog.
    Amazing FMQ - I must have a go at that.
    Liz xxxx

  3. gardening as well as all that pretty sewing?! A great month :)

  4. Wow some wonderful work here - well done!

  5. Your mosaic is beautiful and your fmq really is wonderful. I especially like your bird :)

  6. Love all your FMQ, it's fabulous!

  7. Love the blues and greens of your mosaic Pat - lovely stuff!

  8. Well, that was a pretty good month! :-) Looking forward to what you complete in May!

  9. You have gone from strength to strength with your FMQ!