Monday, October 10, 2011

Beautiful Day for Basting

What a glorious day we had here yesterday; seventy-eight degrees and sunny. I should have been gardening!  But I decided to baste my cubic rhythm quilt that I finished back in July! There are three methods, that I know of, to baste your quilt.

1. Hand baste - time consuming and your free motion foot gets caught in the thread. Then after you are all done, you have to pull out all of the basting.

2. Pin baste - time consuming, can't sew over the pins and you have to remove the pins as you go.

3. Spray baste - my favorite!  Fairly fast and nothing to remove. AND I did it out on the deck yesterday!

I used three tables, I think next I would like to use 4 folding tables. This quilt is 65 inches square. Laying it out on the tables sure beats laying it out on the living room floor!  Now all I have to do it figure out how I'm going to quilt it.  I think something to do with flowers and feathers!

Well, Color Me Quilty!


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