Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pfaff Creative Sensation

WOW! I got to try out the latest and greatest Pfaff Creative Sensation sewing/embroidery machine Thursday night at Sew Creative. FANCY!
The machine is very sleek and the LCD panel is large, clear and easy to use.

It was fun to sit in a room with so many wonderful machines. Thank you Jeanne (owner of Sew Creative) and Linda (Pfaff instructor).
I will not be able to tell you all of the cool things this machine does, but here are some of the highlights that impressed me.

IDT feed system - This is not new to this machine, but wow. It's like a built in walking foot, only better.
Threat metering system - replaces thread tensioning. The machine is able to easily use any kind of difficult thread (metallic, invisible, cheap) without any problems.
Sewed through very heavy weight denim without any problems.

Stacked stitches (lining them up was a breeze)

All of this regular sewing was done with the embroidery unit still attached. That is AMAZING!

Now for the embroidery part of this machine, the very best, coolest part was precise positioning. You can move, twist, turn the design. Even if you unhooped your project (not recommended), you would be able to get back to a precision position after you rehoop your project (and by unhooping, I mean taking your project OUT of the hoop, not just off the machine) WOW!!! The built-in stitches, the applique, mini-embroidery designs, fonts, positioning, stacking.....AMAZING!
Applique and embroidery all from built-in features.

The hoop sizes range from a standard small hoop to gigantic! Imagine quilting in the hoop! That would have been fun to try.

The only problem is the price, which about ten grand. Big Swallow! Still cheaper that the fancy new Bernina, but out of this girl's prices range (especially since I already own a very nice Babylock Ellegante). All in all, Thursday evening sure was fun and they even gave us all a $50 gift certificate to the store. I really liked seeing what the latest and greatest was all about. Thank you Jeanne and Pfaff.

Sew just Color Me Quilty!


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  1. What a treat! but gives you a very green eye, doesn't it!