Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quilting Immersion

I just finished my three day local quilting retreat. What a delight to sew with such wonderful ladies! Thank you to both Sues for organizing the event. For three days we sewed, shared, and told stories. I truly understand why my mom loved these ladies so much, and I thank them for including me into their group. Of course, I forgot take pictures until the very  end, but what a wonderful space we had at the S. Perinton United Methodist Church.

And of course, I always expect I can get more done than I actually do get done. At least I finally finished quilty purse #3! Just-in-time for my step-daughter's birthday last night, PHEW!

Quilty Purse # 3

Front pocket


Button detail

Zipper detail

Wood covered bottom

You can see quilty purse # 1 and #2 here and here.

The ladies already have the next retreat planned for January! Yippee, Skippee, count me in!

Just Color Me Quilty!


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