Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An All Around Good Day at Quilters Corner

I had a great day yesterday at Quilters Corner, a local (Ithaca, NY) quilt shop. I took an Intro to Machine Quilting class. Cyndi, one of the fabulous owners, taught the class and had some great tips. The best tip was how to knot/tie- off at the beginning and end, which helps immensely in eliminating the thread blobs on the backside of your quilt. I will put together a tutorial (hopefully for Friday).

Done with a walking foot!
Quilters Corner is also where I took my Baby Lock Ellegante in for repairs. And oh YES, I got it back yesterday. I even got to use it in class. YIPPEE, SKIPPEE! Linda, one of the other owners, was fantastic at getting it working. Fixing, what appeared to be, a lot of past sins (missing screws, loose wires, etc.). It is now running like a champ!

While I was there, I spotted some fabric (4 of which were on the sale shelves) that just had to come home with me!
I'm collecting orange, because it seems to be several family members favorite!
Sew all-in-all a fabulous day! Thank you to all at Quilters Corner! Today, back to work. UGH!

Color Me Quilty!



  1. That's one of my all-time favorite shops!

  2. Always interested to see what you can do with just a walking foot cause this is all I have available!

  3. Sounds fun! And your fmq looks great! I really like the design in the lower left. Can't wait for your tutorial as that is something I need to get better at!