Friday, November 25, 2011

Free Motion Friday: Superstar!

Okay, sew I'm having a bit of a slow start today. But I can't miss the last Free Motion Friday hosted by the fabulous Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting! I have loved every week trying a new design and pushing me outside my comfort zone! This week is Superstar.

Leah Day's Superstar

My Front

My Back
 I have enjoyed "meeting" so many new friends and feel better that I know I can still visit through their blogs.

I also know that I'm hooked on FMQ! I found a cool monthly FMQ challenge for 2012 at Sew Cal Gal blog. Leah Day is even one of the experts. I hope some of you will join in the fun.

Color Me Quilty!



  1. Wow that is looking so good, what a great job you are doing of FMQ, I keep on meaning to join in on Cindys weekly challenge but the weeks just keep flying by too quickly!!! might have to look in to that 2012 challenge you have found instead

  2. I saw the 2012 FMQ challenge and I am making little practice squares this weekend to get ready for it to start in January! It's the one thing I have promised myself I will work on this next year. I think you did a fantastic job on this stitch, must be the engineer in you!

  3. Wow, Pat! Your star is super! Great work and thanks for the link. I'll have to look into that!

  4. Pat. You are such a Super Star! How good is this!!! I think I will sign up for this FMQ challenge in Jan too. I've had so much fun trying things out. And oh how I need the practise.

  5. Fantastic Pat!! Wow, you have to use this on a quilt!