Sunday, November 20, 2011

Santa's Slowest Elf...

....that would be me!

What on earth possessed me into thinking it would be "Cool" to make 17 Christmas stocking by Thanksgiving???!!! One for every family member, even the furry ones. I can say that I'm pleased with the 6 I have done so far.
Hung on the mantel stairway with care!

Lovingly lined!
I am lining each one, to give it a finished look. Only 11 more to go! Ugh! The bright side, I'm using stash to make all of these stockings creating room for more fabric.

Color Me Crazy Quilty!



  1. But they look great so far! I don't think you are a slow elf at all! And just think how good you will feel when they are all done!

  2. They look great! Love how they aren't traditional Christmas themed fabric also!

  3. they look great - good luck with the others!

  4. Good luck Elf Tony! I ordered fabric for the tablerunner swap and as it is Christmassy and I haven`t yet received it, when it does eventually show, I think it will become stckings...but perhaps not 16!

  5. I think it is a LOVELY idea! They are turning out great! And they'll be used for years and years!

  6. You are a powerhouse! You can do it!!!! Go Pat, go!!! lol. I understand your feelings though I am up very late because I keep thinking about all I have to do this week as well! I will be checking back on you. You can do it!!!