Thursday, November 3, 2011

Try New Things (TNT) Thursday!

Christmas stockings! Yup, I know that lots of people are making them, but this will be a new thing for me and I'm linking up with Melissa at Happy Quilting for TNT Thursday. I decided that they didn't have to be made out of Christmas fabric, that some nice modern fabric might be cool.

Patty Young fabric line (kind of looks like red snow flakes)

Straight line quilting

quilted fabric, cutting both sides at once. I found a rotary cutter was faster and easier than scissors.

Measures about 10.5"x 17" before cuff

Auditioning red for the cuff
I plan on embroidering names on the cuffs and lining the inside. Only 16 more to go! Yikes, I best get sewing (although, the thing that took the longest was choosing the fabric!). This was a quick fun project. I'm glad I tried it!

Stop over and see what everyone else is creating for TNT Thursday at Happy Quilting!


Color Me Quilty!



  1. They look awesome!! I love the fabric you choose!

  2. Beautiful! The fabric you chose is awesome! :)

  3. I must make my 3 year old son a stocking and perhaps my mum - a project for next week. Your `red snowflake` fabric is beautiful!

  4. I agree with everyone - lovely fabric. Those stockings going to be lovely with the cuff and embroidery. Good job.

  5. So beautiful! I love using a modern fabric instead of a traditional holiday fabric.