Monday, November 7, 2011

Making Christmas: Embroidered Stocking Cuffs

Well I am making progress on my extensive Making Christmas List, albeit slow progress. I got two of the cuff embroidered and the other five I have the embroidery files ready to go. I have 7 stocking feet completed, but that all need a lining.

I still would like to make more stocking for the rest of the family and family pets. My goal would be to have all of the stocking completed by Thanksgiving (Nov. 24th, for those of you outside of the U.S.).  Sew here is my Making Christmas List and progress today!

Making Christmas List:
1. Quilt and bind my Cubic Rhythm quilt - Gold metallic quilting done, 1 more block quilted (4 1/2 more, plus borders)
2. Mermaid pillows
3. Purple Heart Wall-hanging - no progress
4. At least 4 Christmas stockings - 7 stockings started
5. 2 iPad covers - no progress
6. At least 6 potholders - no progress
7. 2 doggie mats - no progress
8. Several last minutes ideas that I haven't thought of yet!

I'll be linking up with Janine over at Rainbow Hare Quilts for Making Christmas List.

Color Me Quilty!



  1. Your stockings are looking great, Pat! And I love the non-traditional fabrics so much!

  2. I love those stockings. You've chosen really pretty fabrics. I'm looking forward to following your list. I especially like - "8. Several last minutes ideas that I haven't thought of yet!" Thank you for linking up :)

  3. Pat they look fantastic! The embroidery is gorgeous and the fabrics were a great choice. I've just realised it's my daughter's birthday on thanksgiving this year!