Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Pillow Top

I decided I needed a change from cranking out Christmas stockings, so I switched over to a pillow (still a Christmas present). I had embroidered the turtle the other day, so it was quite easy to throw some borders on. My friends, whose present it is, love bright colors and I thought that the turtle fabric was just perfect.
Embroidery Library design

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, I do love to cook, but I'm really looking forward to a long weekend sewing. I'm hoping to cross off a whole lot of Christmas projects. (I just have to stop to pick-up some batting, I'm running very low.)

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  1. Love the turtle! And the turtle batik ties in perfect! What a great Christmas present... hope your long weekend is full of productive sewing!

  2. Hehe... I <3 turtles. And I love how watery the other fabrics feel. (BTW, I am also hoping for a long weekend sewing... fingers crossed.)

  3. The turtle is so cute! I love the watery fabrics you've used.

  4. I love the cute turtle and coral. And the batiks you chose for the border are so perfect! My mom is a huge fan of sea turtles and has made a couple of turtle quilts. She recently got a bernina embroidery machine, I'll have to see if it has any turtle patterns.

  5. Great project! Love that little turtle! Jealous you get to sew all weekend, I wish I could! Thanks for linking up :)

  6. Great pillow, Pat! And that turtle batik is so fun, and a perfect choice!

  7. Your turtle is stunning and I love the batik turtle print that you have used as a border!!